Let’s pledge to Conserve our Forests®EEHC_0015

forest is a terrestrial ecosystems with diverse species of trees covered area, around the globe. These forest are defined based on factors like:

1.tree density, 

2.tree height, 

3.land use, 

4. ecological function etc etc. 

As per 2006 estimate forests covered 4 billion hectares (9.9×109 acres) (15 million square miles) or approximately 30 percent of the world’s land area.

Forests contains about 80% of plant Biomass and accounts to about 75% of GPP-gross primary Productivity of Earth’s Biosphere. 

Earth atmosphere need a sustainable presence of oxygen as required by living beings, which is emitted by green forest,  plantation and algae covers available in land surface and oceans. 

Let’s pledge to grow more forest to keep oxygen level to optimum level in our atmosphere. 


Clear Pollution thy,  Give me Clear Sky®EEHC_0014

Clear Pollution thy,  Give me Clear Sky  we shout such slogan now and then, do we think it’s Only Government responsibility to provide us our such demands, but what if  we keep burning refuse, wastes on roadside and in landfills. We don’t hesitate to use our fossil fuel run vehicles, electricity generators, etc extensively that ultimately emit various environmental pollutants. 

We burn our agri-residue insread of using it for compost preparation. 

My point of view is we as citizens are also responsible for reducing air pollutants by avoiding all smoke making combustion of fossils. Let’s reduce emitting pollutants to ambient atmosphere and if we do so… Than only we have right to shout or made slogans for Clear Sky… 

Religious Ceremony and Pollution Load on Environment©EEHC_013

As Citizens of Great Nation India, there is need to make sure that in today’s scenario religious ceremonies need to be Environment friendly. Religious rituals since ancient times never had involvement of plastic (a recent  world product) , non-biodegrable materials, there have always been inclusion of flowers, medicinal plants leaves🌿 and parts,  rice, turmeric, various resins, plant products in plant based containers. These plant based products all are totally biodegradable, add nutrients to water and act as food for fauna and flora. 

Ganesh Visarjan, Durga Visarjan, and various other religious rituals involves taking a dip in water for cleaning individuals’ body and soul followed by immersion of the idols. These idols set for worshipping are immersed and left in water bodies that reduce Dissolved Oxygen and bringing additional load of BOD, COD, TSS, TDS,  heavy metals, etc etc.  

Government trying hard by bringing new regulations and stringent Standards, to control Pollution and Conserve Natural resources and Environment for present and future generations. Governments around the world and in India also provides maximum infrastructure support to make sure that regulation and standards are abides by for Environment Protection.   As individuals and responsible citizens of India 🇮🇳 it is basic responsibility of all residents, not to throw pollutants including wastes like non degradable plastics, domestic waste, industry waste in or near water bodies. Hope future generations have a clean and atleast similar state of Environment what prevails today. 

Take a pledge : Don’t throw non-degradable plastics, or any wastes to water bodies. 

Save Water,  Rejuvenate Rivers, Save Future Generations.