Call For Papers_Vol 1 (2) – Energy Environment and Health Conservation : An International Journal®EEHC_0010

Energy Environment and Health Conservation : An International Journal (EEHC). Vol 1(2), March 2018.

EEHC journal published from United Kingdom by MAPEED UK, is publishing authentic research Papers, reviews, technical notes etc. from young and budding Researchers, Scientists, Engineers all across the globe in Environment, hospitals, Clinical studies, climate change,  pollution control, Energy and Health Conservation related sectors.

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Latest issue of Energy Environment and Health Conservation (EEHC) is inviting Papers (Research Paper, Review Papers, Short Scientific Notes, Technical Note etc.) for publication on Energy and Environment Conservation; Health Conservation; Environment Biology, Ecological studies, health & safety studies, hospital management, health care and wellness,energy management studies, Pollutions prevention, control research and monitorings.

 This issue is going to be posted online by March 2018.

Editorial Board-EEHC have released directions for Global researchers, for publishing EEHC Journal with ‘No publication charges’ or ‘Article processing charges’ especially for female authors from India to support ‘Girl Education’ & ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ i.e., ‘Clean India Moment’ initiative of Prime Minister of India, for atleast one year-2018-2019.

All papers are blind Peer-reviewed by atleast 2-3 independent reviewers.  Decision on ‘Acceptance Status’ is released within 05 days after first submissions and editorial review. All Manuscripts, papers, reviews and Original research work related papers can be submitted at

– Editor
– Energy Environment and Health Conservation : An International Journal (EEHC).
(Evaluation of Journal for ISSN number in Process).


Author: eehcjournal

Energy Environment & Health Conservation: An International Journal (EEHC), a multidisciplinary Energy Environment and Health Conservation journal, is a peer reviewed, globally circulated and dedicated international Journal for topics related to 'Energy Environment and Human Health' and is published quarterly from United Kingdom.  EEHC Editorial Advisors' are dedicated young Professors & Researchers from different pioneer global Universities, Institutes & well known for their R&D activities in their respective fields - Energy Environment and Health Conservation. EEHC Journal accepts all manuscripts, original-unpublished and not under review in any journal, on all branches of Energy, Environment, Human Health and its related sub-disciplines like Environment Conservation, Environment Biology, toxicology, Environmental Pollution's and its Controls, Environmental chemistry, Environment Health, Safety and Environment Quality, Energy Conservation, Climate change, Energy conversion & management, Environment-health hazards, risk assessments, Energy, Environment and Health Awareness etc. (for further informations’ visit website: EEHC International Journal is being published online only by MAPEED UK. As per EEHC Publication Policy all received manuscripts are strictly blind-reviewed by at-least three independent Reviewers and once all necessary amendments are complete, only then manuscripts are finally accepted for publication. Interested Authors, researchers, scientists plz write directly to Editorial team. To emphasize one of the KPI of Editorial Team is to release 'manuscript editorial acceptance' communication/via email to corresponding author's within one week after receipt of manuscript and after initial in-house editorial review. EEHC Editor can be contacted directly via email for 'Instructions to Authors' & Publication processing fees related discussions. International Edition of EEHC– An International Journal is available globally from its very first issue (in process of ISSN approval from British library). Green Regards. -Editorial Team Energy Environment & Health Conservation:An International Journal Editors-Publication office: +44 7887507134 (HO); +91 9432116768; +971 502668507 (Regional Offices);  Emails:;

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